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Victor Matheson

assosciate professor, economics

Victor Matheson

Victor Matheson, associate professor of economics at Holy Cross, earned his Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and his B.A. from St. Olaf College.

Matheson specializes in sports economics, specifically the economic impact of “mega-sporting events” on host cities; public finance; the economics of lotteries and gambling; and natural resource economics. In particular, his sports economics research, which dispels the notion that major events (such as the Olympics, World Series and Super Bowl) equal large economic dividends for host cities have made him a widely sought-after expert.

He has provided expert commentary to several media outlets including Forbes Magazine, Time Magazine Europe, ESPN Magazine, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, BusinessWeek Online, The Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, Bloomberg Television, American Public Media's Marketplace, and, among others.

Matheson is the author of “A Fall Classic? Assessing the Economic Impact of the World Series” published in the International Journal of Sport Management and Marketing, and co-author (with Anthony Becker) of the book The Sports Law Casebook: Milestones in Sports Recognition.  During Chicago's bid for the 2016 Summer Olympics, he published an op-ed in The Chicago Tribune titled "Bid's rejection could be for the best," and The New York Times republished his earlier op-ed about New York's bid for the 2012 Summer Games, titled "Luck of the Draw."

Members of the media seeking additional information or assistance should contact Matheson at 508-793-2649/, or Cristal Steuer (associate director of national communications and media relations) at 508-793-2419/

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