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ARC Governance

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Revisions needed to reflect the merging of CMRLS with MLS.

Approved 11/10/04;

updated 11/15/04;

REVISION: 9-13-06

The Academic and Research Collaborative (ARC) of the Central Massachusetts Regional Library System (CMRLS) is a coalition of academic, public, and special libraries which have research collections, working together to facilitate the sharing of resources and services for the benefit of their collective users.

Any academic or research library that is a member of CMRLS is eligible to be a member of ARC.


CMRLS provides basic services free of charge to all its members. Additional centrally-administered ARC programs will be managed by CMRLS and funded by library fees. The CMRLS Administrator and the Steering Committee will develop an annual process for developing services and setting fees for CMRLS services.


The ARC Steering Committee will be responsible for long range planning, identifying areas of collaboration, and providing the resources necessary to facilitate collaboration among its members. The Steering Committee will oversee and facilitate the activities of ARC Committees and Interest Groups.

Each ARC library director (or his or her permanent designate) will be a member of the ARC Steering Committee (also known as ARC Directors). The Regional Administrator will serve as an ex-officio member.

Steering Committee Meetings:

A yearly schedule of meetings for the Steering Committee will be established by the fall of each year and posted to the ARC website.
Steering Committee Meeting Attendance:

ARC member library directors or their designees are expected to attend Steering Committee meetings. Advisory Committee and Interest Group Chairpersons are strongly encouraged to attend Steering Committee meetings and take part as non-voting participants or to send someone to represent the committee. Chairs/Conveners will be specifically invited when the agenda includes business relevant to their areas of concern. Committee chairs and Conveners will report on the year’s activities at the May meeting.
Steering Committee meeting minutes and annual reports will be posted on the ARC web site.
Voting, other than for electing officers, may take place either at Steering Committee meetings or electronically. Each member library has one vote.




The Executive Committee, consisting of a Chairperson and a Vice-Chairperson/Secretary, will lead the Steering Committee. Each officer will serve for one year after which the Vice-Chairperson will become the Chairperson. Candidates for Vice-Chairperson/Secretary will be nominated by the Executive Committee and elected by the Steering Committee annually at the final meeting of the academic year by simple majority vote. The terms of office of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson/Secretary begin on September 1 to coincide with the beginning of the academic year.
The Executive Committee, in consultation with the CMRLS Regional Administrator, is empowered to take appropriate action or make decisions for ARC when it is not possible to convene the full Steering Committee. In the case of decisions having financial impact, every effort will be made to poll the Steering Committee by e-mail or telephone when no regular meeting is scheduled or possible.
The Executive Committee will confer with the CMRLS Regional Administrator regarding ARC fiscal matters. It will annually review fees and services provided by CMRLS and report to the Steering Committee at a spring meeting date congruent with the CMRLS budget planning cycle.
Each year with the approval of the Steering Committee, the Executive Committee will charge all Advisory Committees with goals and responsibilities.
Duties of the Chairperson:

Schedules, convenes and runs meetings generally following Robert’s Rules of Order. Develops agendas, and, in consultation with the Steering Committee, schedules presentations on best practices and topics of professional interest to take place at the Steering Committee meetings.
Duties of the Vice-Chairperson/Secretary:

Records meeting minutes, which will be posted on the ARC website subsequent to Steering Committee approval. Performs duties of the Chairperson in the absence of the Chairperson.



Every effort will be made by CMRLS to designate a staff member to serve as liaison to each Advisory Committee/ Interest Group.
Special projects:
Advisory Committees and Interest Groups are urged to identify continuing education needs and special projects for consideration by ARC and CMRLS. Committees will recommend projects through the ARC Steering Committee and/or the Professional Development Advisory Committee.
After a program or project is adopted, CMRLS can facilitate program planning, and some events can be incorporated into the CMRLS continuing education schedule.
The ARC web site will include lists of directors, Advisory Committee members and officers and Interest Group members and conveners. These lists will be updated as necessary.
Advisory Committee and Interest Group members are urged to sign-up for the ARC-L discussion list. Committee communications are forwarded electronically to the lists. Meeting notices and minutes will be forwarded to the ARC Steering Committee discussion list.



Advisory Committees are standing committees which are formally charged each year to do the work of ARC.  Currently there are three:


ARC supports the programs and activities of Interest Groups of staff members from member institutions as a vehicle for increasing cooperation among ARC members. Interest Groups come together for professional development, to discuss common professional concerns and to network.

Currently the Interest Groups are: