BridgesA Winged Genie (detail), Assyrian, 1930.42Julien Dupré (detail), 1991.109Chaim Soutine (detail), 1995.16Herbert Bayer (detail), 1994.259

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Bridges To Art

 Bridges to Art  offers fresh approaches to the way the arts and humanities can be taught, studied, learned, and appreciated. Designed as both reference source and teaching tool, Bridges to Art enables the user to locate images of art using traditional methods--artist, medium, technique, style--or explore the images using subject terms chosen to represent the main elements, ideas, or themes in each work of art.
Students and teachers of history, sociology, religious studies, and other fields will find Bridges to Art useful for locating images relevant to their disciplines. Birds, gardens, children, 18th-century costume, peasants, music, nobility, mourning customs, animals, weather conditions, and mythology are among the thousands of subject searches available.
Rockwell Kent (detail), 1927.12Ay, Fan Bearer (detail), Egyptian, 1949.42Edward Savage (detail), 1924.38Katsushika Hokusai (detail), 1901.735
John Singer Sargent (detail), 1917.90 Making art an effective and influential force
in students' academic lives