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Exotic Jamaica
Thousands of Western tourists jaunt down to Jamaica every year in search for the "ultimate" vacation.  What attracts them to the island?  Take a look at the images and quotes below from ads designed to lure people to Jamaica.  You'll get a feel for the real reason why people go to the island.  A hint-it's not to just lounge on the beach. 

The Hedonism Resorts
Come to Jamaica and......

Hedonism Resorts Official Home Page
This is a banner from the Hedonism Resorts Web Page, a major inclusive resort in Jamaica.  It seems to do much more than nourish mind, body, and spirit.

These quotes are also from the Hedonism Resort Web site advertising a special "Ladies Month."  Will they be nourishing "mind, body, and spirit?"


Travel Agencies
Travel agencies and even Jamaica's own Board of Tourism encourages the exoticism of Jamaica.  All the fun isn't limited to Hedonism II and III.

The Jamaican Board of Tourism was behind the catchy and subtly sexual:

Check out the couple in the ocean...we know where this is going!

-taken from  Jamaica Travel Net.Com

Sex sells and the Rasta religion sells too.  Politicians in Jamaica, the Board of Tourism in Jamaica, and travel agencies around the world use Rastafariansim as a way to "sell" Jamaica.  Often times tourist sites offer links to web pages regarding Rasta or include a brief description of the religion on their own page.  Tourism brochures and books include similar sections.  Vastly simplified, these descriptions do not do justice to the intricate nature of Rasta.  This commercialization of the Rasta religion is degrading and harmful to the religion.  Rasta sells because a central part of their religion is smoking ganja or marijuana.  Associated with this practice are feelings of relaxation, euphoria, and a general carefree attitude; a perfect combination for a holiday.  See the link to True Rasta Religion to find out why the Rastas use ganja.  It's not for the same reasons tourists use it when they vacation down to Jamaica.

Check out the following sites to see how Rasta is exploited to increase tourism:

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