Saturday, April 24, 2010

at The College of the Holy Cross

Plenary Speaker:  Scott Maisano, UMass Boston
Truth Unveiled by Time, or, Shakespeare’s Revolution

Truth and Consequences

What does the pursuit of truth mean in plays written by Shakespeare or his contemporaries? What are the consequences when characters believe they have the truth if the play should show them wrong? Or right? What is the relationship of truth and fiction, fiction and lying? What might a “true” performance look like? 500-word proposals are welcome in answer to these and parallel questions. Topics might include:

Deceit Religious Truth
Deception Remembering
Persuasion Forgetting
Distortion Playing the Truth
Disguise Truth Speaks to Power
Propaganda Witty Fools & Foolish Wits
Slander & Libel Divine Truth & Human Consequences
Historical Truth

Deadline for 500-word proposals:  Thursday, March 18, 2010