Acrostic Poems for Children, Teachers, and other Poets   


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Acrostic Books 

Animal Acrostics.  David Hummon, illustrated by Michael Maydak.  Dawn Publishing, 1999. My acostic book features poems about wild animals in five habitats, plus illustrations and information on each creature.  Animal Acrostics won two awards: The International Reading Association Teacher's Choice Award, 2000, "one of the ten best books of the year for middle grade children"; Parent Council LTD, Outstanding Book, 1999. More information about this book.

Fall:  An Alphabet Acrostic. Steven Schnur, Clarion Books, 1997.
 Acrostic poems, one for each letter of the alphabet, celebrating autumn.
Spring:  An Alphabet Acrostic.
Steven Schnur, Illustrated by Leslie Evans. Clarion Books, 1999.
Companion to Fall, this time playing with joys of spring.
A Peaceable Kingdom.  Alice and Martin Provesen.  Viking Press.
A special alphabet book (abcedarian acrostic), based on a 19th century Shaker acrostic poem, Abcedarius, used to teach children the letters of the alphabet. The poem is composed of the names of 104 animals!
Animalia, Graeme Base, Henry N. Abrams, Inc., 1987
Alphabet book--each line composed of exclusively one letter.

Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear by Holbrook Jackson (Editor), Edward Lear. Dover 1951

An Edward Lear Alphabet. Edward Lear, Vladmir Radunsky (Illustrator), HarperCollins, 1999.

Edward Lear (1812-1888), the English humorist and author of children's verse, wrote acrostics poems and riddles.