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Todd Lewis                                                                               Sanu Vajracarya

Educational Productions:

Videos shot, directed and produced by Professor Todd Lewis and distributed by East-West Initiatives. These short films were designed for classroom use in high schools and colleges. Each comes with a short guide, complete with a bibliography for additional readings.

"Celestial Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara: Karunamaya in Newar Buddhism,"
    (1996: 10 minutes)

"Buddhist Rituals at Burmese Stûpas" (1995: 9 minutes)

"Daruma-san: Annual Rituals of Amulet Renewal" (1994: 14 minutes)

"Images from a Daruma-san Exhibition" (1994: 10 minutes)

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Partial List of Institutions that have purchased films from this list:
Harvard University
Condordia University
The University of Hong Kong
University of Washington
University of Hawaii
Clark University
Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe
Denver Art Museum
University of Arizona
Colgate University
Oregon International Council

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Research Productions:
Two edited productions originally shown at academic conferences of a Buddhist festival held every year in Kathmandu Nepal. Copies available by contacting Professor Lewis.

"The Samyaka Festival of 1980" (1992: 32 minutes)

"The Samyaka Festival of 1993" (1994: 34 minutes)

Archival Films:
All Films and Videos are in the possession of the Human Area Film Archives at the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC. With prior appointment, they can be viewed for research purposes. Contact Wendy Shay at 202-357-3356. Segments of the footage can be purchased for education or commercial use according to Smithsonian rules and with Professor Lewis' approval.

Annotated Ethnographic Sequences from Kathmandu, 1987 [1989 Accessions]
Medium: VHS Video

1. Mahâkâlî Dance
2. One Day in the Market
3. Gumlâ Pañca Dâna in Kathmandu
4. One Newar House
5. Dyah Lvâkegu, 1987
6. Pâshupatinâtha: Hinduism in Modern Nepal
7. Celebrations of the Buddha's Birthday, 1987.

Annotated Ethnographic Sequences from Nepal, 1980-2 [1983 Accession]
Medium: 16mm Color Film
1. The Twelve Year Samyaka Festival, 1980
2. Newar Ritual During the Solar Eclipse, 1980
3. Dyah Lvâkegu, 1980: Festival to the Three Goddesses in Asan Tol, Kathmandu"

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    "Buddhist Devotions at a Nepalese Stupa"
        "Buddhist Devotions in Japanese Temples"
           "Puja: Hinduism in Practice in Nepal"
              "Scenes of Filial Piety in a Chinese Temple"
                "RICE: From Paddy Field to the Buddha's Mouth"