21. St. Peter and Paul Church, East Harling, East window, Adoration of the Shepherds,  1480.
Descended upon by angels while in the fields, the shepherds heard the news of the saviorís birth and traveled to Bethlehem to see the great miracle for themselves.  Encountering Mary and the Christ child, the shepherds are depicted in an identical state of adoration as the Kings.  The shepherd in the forefront doffs his cap on bent knee before the Blessed Virgin and her child.  The striking blue piece of glass used for his cape is unique and not found in any other part of the window.  The two other shepherds stand behind him.  The rightmost shepherd plays upon pipes while the one closest to Mary holds a lamb.  The proximity of the two nurturing figures and their uncanny similarity emerges as the central focus of the window.  The shepherds bow not only to the child, but also to the protective mother figure, constantly tending her flock, to whom they can so wholeheartedly relate.