27. St. Peter and Paul Church, East Harling, East window, Kiss of Judas, 1480.
This scene, in which the Blessed Virgin is not depicted, is one of hostility and betrayal.  Soldiers amass in the background holding spears and halberds.  The two central figures, Christ on the left, embraced by Judas, are crowned by the fierce, red flames of the lantern burning above.  The violent temper of the surroundings is personalized by the portrayal of St. Peter cutting off Malchus’ ear with a sword.  The face of disobedience is one of a deep flesh color, reserved only for Malchus and Judas.  At the center of this fiery anger, however, the halo atop Jesus’ head emits the more powerful light of forgiveness.  He is above the madness, comforting his betrayer in an understanding embrace.