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Lauren Hammer, '14

Un paseo por 1912: Estudio fotográfico

      I took these photographs in August 2012 in the rural town of Ochagavía, Navarra, Spain, during the month-long orientation program in the province of Navarra for Holy Cross students studying abroad in Spain. For one weekend each summer, Ochagavía holds a festival during which it turns back time and returns to how it was 100 years before, in this case, 1912. The photographs show the women of Ochagavía dressed in the traditional regional attire of that bygone era. Above, elderly ladies prepare freshly sheared wool for sock-making, while below, the women socialize and wash clothes on the rocks along the stream that runs through the town. Edited from their original color to a simpler black-and-white scheme, the photographs look like they could have been taken from a history book chronicling Spain through the ages. They capture how beautifully simple life was in this country just one century ago. I call the series "Un paseo por 1912."

© Lauren Hammer, '14 © Lauren Hammer, '14

vol. 10 (2013)
vol. 10 (2013)
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