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Faculty Vocation Seminar

"Letting Your Life Speak"

This series, founded by our former Lilly Fellow, Elizabeth Johns, and continued by Lilly Fellow Paul Hoyt-O’Connor, is an opportunity for small groups of faculty and administrators to get away from campus for two days in June to Tower Hill Botanic Garden to reflect on the sources of meaning they bring to - and find in - their work at Holy Cross.

The focus of the seminar is our experience as scholars, teachers, and professionals in fields vital to the community of Holy Cross, and the path of this experience in relation to our fundamental faith or values. The sessions are primarily reflective, and use as a starting point Parker Palmer's book The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher's Life.

Topics of the seminar, interweaving our reflections with those of Parker Palmer, include:

  • How did I come to choose my field? What illuminations or frustrations have marked this journey?
  • What has been my experience with my profession (especially at Holy Cross) in the classroom, administrative office, or athletic fields? What has teaching/working in this field shown me? Have I made changes as a result?
  • How have the methods and developments in my field of work intersected with my convictions and questions about the meaning of the human enterprise?
  • What are the implications of my present - and of what we have reflected on in this seminar - for the future of my journey? What have I learned that might be incorporated into the Holy Cross community?

For more information on participation in the Seminars, contact Paul Hoyt-O'Connor.