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Ignatian Pilgrimage

"A visitor passes through a place, the place passes through the pilgrim."
- Cynthia Ozick


"How unsatisfying are the observations of an art critic if one has not seen the painting or a guidebook before one has visited the place…. It is often forgotten that events take place in space as well as in time, and the events on which Christian faith is based happened not only at a particular time in history, but also at specific places. Where something happened is as significant as when it happened. There is no better way to fix an event or person in the mind than to visit the actual place where the event occurred or where the person lived. In a mysterious way tangible things have the capacity to stir the inner eye, as though there exists a kind of mystic harmony between things of the spirit and objects of sense"
-Robert Louis Wilken

For eight years, the College of the Holy Cross has organized an annual summertime pilgrimage for its faculty, and for colleagues at Jesuit colleges and universities around the United States, to visit important sites in the life of St. Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuits. The pilgrimage is an opportunity for religiously diverse faculty to share a lived experience of early Jesuit history and Ignatian thought, which enriches their understanding and teaching of the College’s Jesuit mission.

Through Northern Spain, the pilgrims trace Ignatius’ footsteps, from Loyola Castle, the site of his birth and conversion, to the cave at Manresa where he dwelled for nearly a year, praying and practicing what would become his Spiritual Exercises. They visit the monastery at Montserrat, the birthplace of St. Francis Xavier and the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Then, they fly to Rome and visit the apartments of St. Ignatius, the Gesù church and the church of St. Ignatius, and the sites of other early Jesuit ministries.

View more photos and the complete itinerary here.

“A remarkable number of pilgrims have described the experience as transformative,” said Thomas M. Landy, director of the Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture at Holy Cross and organizer of the annual pilgrimage. “No matter their religious affiliation or scholarly background, the faculty and staff who have made the pilgrimage feel a deepened connection to Jesuit mission that influences their work at Holy Cross or at their home institution.”

Since 2005, faculty from Loyola University Maryland, Saint Joseph University and Xavier University have also participated, and each year the pilgrimage is opened to fellow Jesuit schools throughout the nation.

Read the personal accounts and reflections of pilgrims:

Chick Weiss, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations, wrote "Sustaining Institutional Mission through 'Pilgrimage'" for Liberal Education magazine's Summer 2009 issue. Download the PDF.

• The Fall 2010 issue, Xavier Magazine featured three faculty from its institution who participated in the pilgrimage. Read the story online.

• Xavier University alumna and former adjunct faculty member Holly Schapker was also featured in the spring 2010 issue of Company magazine for the series of paintings she created following her pilgrimage experience. Download the PDF.

Click on the highlighted names below for more essays about experience. Faculty interested in the pilgrimage can talk to any of the pilgrims listed below.

.Holy Cross faculty and administrator pilgrims have included:

Isabel Alvarez Borland, Modern Languages and Literatures
Susan Amatangelo, Modern Languages — Italian
Nancy Andrews, Classics
Tim Austin, VPAA and Dean
Rob Baumann, Economics
Michael Beatty, Visual Arts
Robert Bellin, Biology
Pat Bizzell, English
Melissa Boyle, Economics
Don Brand,
Political Science
Danuta Bukatko, Psychology
Rosemary Carbine, Religious Studies
Loren Cass, Political Science
Bill Campbell, S.J., Chaplain
Christie Coch, English
Mary Conley, History
Paul Covino, Chaplain
Alison Fleming, Visual Arts
Sharon Frechette, Math & Computer Science
Margaret Freije, Mathematics and Assoc. Dean
Dan Frost, Modern Languages — Spanish
Kristine Goodwin, Student Affairs
Judy Hannum, Director of Planning and Budget
Paul Harman, S.J., Special Assistant to the President
James Hayes, S.J. Rector/Chaplain
David Hummon, Sociology/Anthropology
David Karmon, Visual Arts
Marybeth Kearns-Barrett, Chaplain
Katherine Kiel, Economics
Matthew Koss, Physics
Alice Laffey, Religious Studies
Tom Landy, Center for Religion, Ethics and Culture and Sociology/Anthropology
Mary Lee Ledbetter, Biology
Jerry Lembke, Sociology/Anthropology
Neil Lipsitz, Associate Dean for Student Development
Todd Lewis, Religious Studies
Sarah Luria, English
Gregory Lynch, S.J., Chaplain
Earle Markey, S.J., Admissions
Rich Matlak, English/CISS
Shaun Maurer, English
Kim McElaney, Director of College Chaplains
Theresa McBride, History
Michael C. McFarland, SJ., President
Gwenn Miller, History
Mable Millner, Asst. Dean and Director of Multicultural Education
Jim Miracky, S.J., English and Associate Dean
Jonathan Mulrooney, English
Blaise Nagy, Classics
Debra O'Connor, Economics
Ellen Perry, Classics
Michael Perry, VP Development and Alumni
Jackie Peterson, VP Student Affairs
Leila Philip, English
Justin Poche, History
Margaret A. Post, Community-based Learning
Virginia Raguin, Visual Arts
Jeff Reno, Political Science
Paige Reynolds, English
Cristi Rinklin, Visual Arts
Susan Rodgers, Sociology/Anthropology
Ellen Ryder, Director of Public Affairs
Mark Savolis, Archives
Stephen Shapiro, Modern Languages — French
Paul Sheff, V.P. for Advancement
Janine Shertzer, Physics
May Sim, Philosophy
Sarah Stanbury, English
Cynthia Stone, Modern Languages — Spanish
Victoria Swigert, Sociology/Anthropology and class dean
Karen Teitel, Economics/Accounting
Ward Thomas, Political Science
Chick Weiss, Director of Grants and Foundation Relations
Stephanie Yuhl, History
Ann Zelesky, Associate Athletic Director

Holy Cross' participation has been enabled by support from the Lilly Vocation Discernment Initiative.