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SPUD Summer Internship

The Holy Cross Chaplains' SPUD Summer Internship Program is designed to provide exceptional Holy Cross undergraduates with an opportunity to gain meaningful career-related experience in a non-profit social service agency in Worcester. The program is made possible by means of support from the Lilly Vocation Discernment Initiative.

Internships are for 10 consecutive weeks, 40 hours per week. Agencies will determine the start and end date, although many agencies are flexible. The window period for the internships is between end of school year to mid-August.


Internship Placements

A description of each internship placement is available for your review in the Chaplains' Office. For those abroad or in Washington, D.C., we will work out individually a way of getting you this information.

Tentative placements for SPUD Summer Internships

The full job descriptions will be available in January. All of these programs serve people who are in some way "at risk."

Abby's House - provides services and housing to at-risk women.

Aldersgate United Methodist Church & Kids Café - assist the church staff and leadership in coordination of weekly Kids Cafe activities, including special field trips, support, assistance with community organizing efforts, and assistance with coordination of Bible school.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters - project work to support the popular Big Brothers/Big Sisters program in Worcester. May also have some limited contact with children through intake work.

Catholic Charities - the social service arm of the Catholic Church. Specific opportunities still to be defined but the internships will more than likely deal with homeless and refugee/resettlement populations and issues.

Friendly House - a multi-service agency for families in Worcester. Specific internship opportunities are forthcoming.

Jeremiah's Inn - a men's shelter and nutrition center (food pantry). Intern would assist at the nutrition center, help connect people to social services and health care they are eligible for, and possibly assist in the conflict-resolution class that the men-in-recovery must participate in.

Massachusetts Housing Alliance - assist the project director in the ongoing services provided to families who are temporarily living at a recently purchased property on Cambridge Street (the old Cambridge Street apartment, not far from Holy Cross).

Massachusetts Justice Project - will handle call-in and walk-in clients to establish if they are eligible for assistance through the Mass. Justice Project. Opportunities will also exist to sit in on actual case reviews with lawyers and paralegals.

Public Health Department, City of Worcester - a flexible internship that the intern and the Director of Public Health will put together based on the intern's interests. More specific information is forthcoming.

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Requirements for Participation

  • Interns are required to participate in the Chaplains' Office Internship Orientation Program (usually a weekend afternoon in the spring).
  • Interns will sign an internship contract before commencing their internship and it will be countersigned by their agency.
  • Interns will complete a goal worksheet before commencing their internship.
  • Interns will participate in a mid-summer afternoon or evening of discussion and reflection.
  • Interns will submit a reflection paper every two weeks during their internship to the director.
  • Interns will participate in an end of the summer evaluation.

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Pay, Housing and Transportation

Internships pay up to $4,000, excluding agency holidays and sick days. Pay is fully taxable and students will need to complete a W-4 form with Accounts Payable at Holy Cross.

Students are responsible for finding their own housing and transportation for the summer.

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Application & Acceptance Procedures

The internships are open only to sophomores and juniors. Students interested in an internship are encouraged to attend the Chaplains' Office Summer Internship Information Meeting. Applications for the 2010 summer internship program will be available January 18, 2010 at the Chaplains' Office. By applying to the internship program, the student gives permission to the Director of the SPUD Summer Internship Program to access his or her transcript and student records. Applications must be received by February 1, 2010. Selected applicants will then be contacted by the Chaplains' Office to schedule an interview with the Director of the SPUD Summer Internship Program.

Following the round of interviews students are conditionally accepted into the internship program pending successful placement at an internship site. Students will prioritize the sites they are interested in working at and the internship Director will submit the students' applications to these selected sites. Each agency will review student candidates' applications and interview them. The agency will then indicate to the SPUD Summer Internship Director the student that would best meet the agency's needs. Students will then have the opportunity to accept or decline a specific offer.

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