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East meets West

Page Contents:

A) The Himalayas - Curriculum Support: plate tectonics and the formation of the Himalayan mountain range.

B) Sacred Mountains - An Interdisciplinary Unit: poetry inspired by sacred mountains of the world.

C) Buddhism by Numbers - A concise list of basic Buddhist principles arranged in collections by number... plus extra prayers, poems and stories.

D) Concord Transcendentalism - People and places in Concord, MA influenced by Asian religious philosophy.

E) Photo Gallery - Images of: the Himalayas, sacred mountains of the world, Transcendentalism in Concord, miscelaneous culture and religion...plus museum links.

F) Acknowledgements - Gratitude to those who made the National Endowment for the Humanities 2006 Summer Institute on the Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region possible.


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This site was created by Heidi Kaiter at the NEH Summer Institute "Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region," held at the College of the Holy Cross, Summer 2006.