Name: Shannon MacDonald
School: Walworth Barbour American International School in Israel
Project Title: "Tap into the Himalayan Region"


The Himalayan Region and its diverse land use!

Depending on the availability of water, the directional flow of the rivers, the irrigation systems available in the area, the development of the area, the Maoist insurgencies and elevation, indigenous people adapt to the environment and use the land to ensure their survival.

Monsoons in the Himalayan Region


The Taira (Lower Elevation)


Click here to see the uses of the land in the Himalayan region at various elevations.... crops and animals.



For discussion...look at the three distinctive elevation zones
of the region. How do rivers affect the categorization of these regions?


This site was created by (insert name) at the NEH Summer Institute "Cultures and Religions of the Himalayan Region," held at the College of the Holy Cross, Summer 2006