The web sites below are organized by grade level. However, each site has overlap and utility for teachers and students at every level. If contact information is provided on the teacher site, he or she welcomes inquiries.

Resources for Teachers and Students

L Behen Resources for Studying the Himalayan Region
M Nash The Myth of Shangri-La: A Digital Library for Teachers

Elementary Plans:

B Diamond Language Arts Activities for teaching Himalayan cultures and religions: Buddhism and Hinduism
M Gainty Introduction To Tibet And Its Music

Middle School Plans:

D Lin Masks -An Art Project on Tibetan Arts and Religions
N Bhakta Hinduism and Buddhism

High School and General:

A McClure Historical Context for the Development of Religious Traditions in Kashmir, Nepal and Tibet
A Omana Asian Religions
A Steiner WEB QUEST: Resources on Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet
C Adams Research Project: Trip to Nepal
C Bryant No Yeti, No Yak-A Few Resources for Teachers on Hinduism, Buddhism, Silk Route, Tibet
C McNulty Resources About Chipko and Himalayan Environmental Issues
D McKinstry Storytelling and the Jataka Tales
E Finan Geography, History, and Lost Horizon
E Trudeau Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, Art Research, Prayer Flags, Trip to Karme-Choling
G Macgilpin Tibetan Artifacts from Newark Museum
G Smith Why Study the Himalayas?
M Campbell Introduction to Tibet's Culture
G Wingard Exploring the Human Geography of Himalayan Waterways
J Burns Religious Traditions Through Art & Literature
K Ruscica Geography, Religion, Art Lessons
J Laden World History through the Himalayan Region
R Desilva Introduction to Buddhism
J Murray Modern Political History: Maoist Uprising in Nepal
R Jones Geography, Religions and Cultures of the Himalayan Region
J Paliatka Teaching the Sacred: Interdisciplinary Lessons and Resources on Sacred Texts, Art, Music
S Fried Visual Arts Lesson Plans: Mandalas, Hindu Gods, Buddha Images, Ga'u, Jataka Tales
K McKee HIMALAYA SUMMIT: Current Political Issues of the Frontier
S Poteet Himalayan Art and World Religions


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