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Introduction to Measure for Measure
by Daniel Colvin

Shakespeare's Problem Plays
by Daniel Colvin

Elizabethan Drama as a Mirror or Looking Glass
compiled by Alan Dessen

O, let him marry her!": Matrimony and Recompense in Measure for Measure
by Michael D. Friedman

Prostitution and the Feminist Appropriation of Measure For Measure on the Stage
by Michael D. Friedman

Production Notes
by Edward Isser

Performing at the Globe
by James N. Loehlin

Seventeenth Century "Natural" Acting
by Julia Matthews

Desperate Measures: Politics and the Process of Performance
by Cary M. Mazer

"I'll Pray to Increase Your Bondage": Power and Punishment in Measure for Measure
by David McCandless

All's Well That Ends Swell?
by Nalin Ranasinghe

Measured Endings: How Productions from 1720 to 1929 Close Shakespeare's Open Silences in Measure for Measure
by Edward L. Rocklin

Measuring Isabella From Within
by Claire Marie Wall

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