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Exercise in Editing Measure for Measure
Alan C. Dessen

Below you will find a 2 crucial passages from Measure as printed in the Folio, our only source for the play:

- Write out (or preferably type out) your version of how the speech should appear in a modern student's edition (or have in mind an actress about to play the scene).
- Use modern spelling.
- Pay particular attention to (1) punctuation (particularly important as signals for an actor's sense of time) and (2) lineation (keep in mind the blank verse line as norm).
- Add any stage directions you think necessary (e.g., does Isabella kneel? if so, when?).

Passage 1

Mar. Oh Isabel: will you not lend a knee?

Duke. He dies for Claudio's death.

Isab. Most bounteous Sir.
Looke if it please you, on this man condemnąd,
As if my Brother liu'd: I partly thinke,
A due sinceritie gouemed his deedes,
Till he did looke on me: Since it is so,
Let him not die: my Brother had but Iustice,
In that he did the thing for which he dide.
For Angelo, his Act did not ore take his bad intent,
And must be buried but as an intent
That Perished by the way: thoughts are no subiects
Intents, but meerely thoughts.

Mar. Meerely my Lord.

Passage 2

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