Folio Comparision: Act IV, Scene 2
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   PROVOST.  Pardon me, good Father, it is against my oath.  
   DUKE.  Were you sworn to the duke, or to the deputy?  
   PROVOST.  To him, and to his substitutes.  
   DUKE.  You will think you have made no offence, if the duke
avouch the justice of your dealing?
   PROVOST.  But what likelihood is in that?  
   DUKE.  Not a resemblance, but a certainty. Yet since I see
you fearful, that neither my coat, integrity, nor
persuasion, can with ease attempt you, I will go
further than I meant, to pluck all fears out of you.
Look you sir, here is the hand and seal of the
Duke: you know the character I doubt not, and the
signet is not strange to you.
   PROVOST.  I know them both.  
   DUKE.  The contents of this, is the return of the Duke; you
shall anon over read it at your pleasure: where you
shall find, within these two days he will be here.
This is a thing that Angelo knows not; for he this
very day receives letters of strange tenor;
perchance of the Duke's death; perchance entering
into some monastery; but by chance nothing of what
is writ. Look, the unfolding star calls up the
shepherd; put not yourself into amazement, how these
things should be; all difficulties are but easy
when they are known. Call your executioner, and off
with Barnardine's head: I will give him a present
shrift and advise him for a better place. Yet you
are amazed; but this shall absolutely resolve you:
Come away, it is almost clear dawn.

This is a pivotal moment in the play that leads to diverse interpretations. How much does the Duke reveal? In some productions, the Provost becomes aware of the ruse and now becomes a co-conspirator with the Duke. In others, the Provost chooses to violate his oath to serve the Duke's deputies. How can either interpretation be staged without altering the text? What impact does this choice have upon the character of the Provost? What are the reprecussions of this choice in the Fifth Act?

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