1. GENERAL HEADING: Improvisation

2. TITLE OF EXERCISE: "The Cross Walk"

3. GOALS: Affective Memory & Substitution.

4. NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Minimum of 2, unlimited maximum.


6. CLASS TIME NEEDED: 15 minutes.

7. STEP-BY-STEP-DESCRIPTION: Separate the class into two groups on either side of the room. Have the students line up with back to walls and split them into partners--one partner on opposite side of the room. Have each partner walk toward and then past the other partner. Establish the "given circumstances": tell the students that the person they love intensely is walking by them--they are not allowed to touch or talk to each other-they will never see each other again. They must communicate their deep love--they can linger, even circle each other-but no touch; no talk. Continually side coach.

8. POINTS FOR OBSERVATION, DISCUSSION: The importance of concentration; the action/reaction dynamic; the notion of living truthfully under imaginary circumstances; using emotional memory as a trigger for substitution.

9. SOURCE/REFERENCE: Bill Raymond of Mabou Mimes.


11. VARIATIONS: The second time round: the partners hate each other intensely-each feels the other has betrayed him or her.