1. GENERAL HEADING: Improvisation

2. TITLE OF EXERCISE: "Imagination"

3. GOALS: To synthesize naiveté and imagination; to encourage actors to think fast.

4. NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Group exercise or individually.

5. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: Paper and pencils for students.

6. CLASS TIME NEEDED: 10 - 15 minutes.

7. STEP-BY-STEP-DESCRIPTION: Spread your students out in the room. Have them sit with pen and paper. Now tell them to close their eyes and to concentrate on your voice. In a quiet, but reassuring voice take your students on an imaginative journey. Tell the students to imagine the following:

Now, tell your students to open their eyes and immediately sketch the street and the scene that they have imagined. Their level of artistry is irrelevant-- it is their ability to fill in the details prompted by these few images that is key.

8. POINTS FOR OBSERVATION, DISCUSSION: These snapshot images are analogous to the limited details supplied in a dramatic text. Actors must use--and train--their imagination to fill in the blanks and complete the picture.

9. SOURCE/REFERENCE: Adapted from Stella Adler's The Technique of Acting, NYC: Bantam Books, 1988.


11. VARIATIONS: Endless.