1. GENERAL HEADING: Visual Materials

2. TITLE OF EXERCISE: "Character Objects"

3. GOALS: To help the student/actor gain greater understanding of a given character.

4. NUMBER OF STUDENTS: Individuals

5. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: No equipment other than what student/actor supplies

6. CLASS TIME NEEDED: Flexible time frame. Student prepares outside of class.

7. STEP-BY-STEP DESCRIPTION: Student is instructed to bring in an object that a given character in a play might own and value. The object can be anachronistic. There are no restrictions or limitations other than the student's own imagination. Examples: an ornamental or child's dagger for Macbeth, baby booties for Lady Macbeth.

8. POINTS FOR OBSERVATION, DISCUSSION: Students may bring in the object they chose and display these objects for their fellow students to examine. Some part of class time may be set aside for examination and individual explanation.

9. SOURCE/REFERENCE: Audrey Stanley and others

10. ADDITIONAL READING: No additional reading

11. VARIATIONS: See collage exercise, other Visual Materials exercises.