1. GENERAL HEADING: Warm-up Exercises

2. TITLE OF EXERCISE: Variation on "Passing the Energy"

3. GOALS: To encourage listening to one another; to practice maintaining vocal energy in every word of the line.

4. NUMBER OF STUDENTS: groups of 4 or more

5. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: None if students have all memorized the same speech; otherwise, a copy of the speech for each student.

6. CLASS TIME NEEDED: 10 minutes

7. STEP-BY-STEP DESCRIPTION: All students sit in a circle. One student says the first line of the speech, "passing" it to the next student, who then continues with the second line, and so on. Repeat, but this time use single words instead of entire lines.

8. POINTS FOR OBSERVATION, DISCUSSION: Picking up verbal cues and physical impulses from other actors; fully articulating the sounds of words; inflection at the end of a line.

9. SOURCE/REFERENCE: Audrey Stanley


11. VARIATIONS: Other "pass the energy" exercises.