Knighted circa 1491 Sir Thomas married Elizabeth Staveley circa 1471, Anne Greystoke in 1482, Agnes Harrington circa 1497 and Joan Mainwaring in 1512. It is recorded that his first marriage produced three daughters and his third a son and a daughter. The window suggests that he had eleven children. A man kneels facing rightwards at a reading desk with an open book on it, and three other men behind him. Behind this group is another, comprising a woman kneeling facing rightwards at a reading desk with open book, and six other women behind her; all figures are praying and set on a chequered floor against blue rinceau; blackletter inscription: /(A°/ D/i Mi/llimo)/ quad/(ri /ngentîmo/) nô/ag/(imo nono)/; The date given here is 1499, but the last number a modern restoration. The window was installed during Thomas' third marriage (1497-1512) since it contains his wife Agnes Harrington. Little restoration, many cracks in men’s faces and woman’s desk, flashed ruby corroded. Ashton-under-Lyne, parish church, 1497-1512. © Raguin/MMK