Sir John and Dulcia Trafford, whom he married in 1437, were the parents of Sir Thomas Ashton (d.1516). Sir John’s widow Isabella Elland died in 1488; his second wife Margaret is not otherwise recorded. A man wearing armor and a surcoat kneels facing rightwards at a reading desk, with three women kneeling in prayer behind him, each facing rightwards at a reading desk; all figures display the Ashton mullet and are set on a tiled floor; blackletter inscription: /Orat/(e pro aiâbus Johanîs A)/shet/on /(militis/ Dulcie Marger/ie et Issab)/ella/ (uxorum eiu/s qui inpredicam)/ edific/acô/ (procedebat/; Pray for the souls of John Ashton, Knight, Dulcie, Margaret, and Isabel, his wives. He proceeded with the building as planned. Little restoration, corrosion on ruby glass and elsewhere, cracks in man, first woman, third woman’s face and original inscription. Ashton-under-Lyne, parish church, 1497-1512. © Raguin/MMK