St. Helena kneels in prayer with Zambres and the 4 doctors kneeling behind her and the bull standing beside her, all facing Silvester who blesses them, with Constantine standing on his right extending his hand to St. Helena, within a townscape; blackletter inscription: (/Hic Sil/vester de/i virtu)/te taur*/ resussitant/ (et/ elen/a con/vertit/u/) ad fidê cû/ sua t * d/(?) /s/ (?) Here Sylvester, by the grace of God, revives the bull and Helena is converted to the Faith with all her household. Left side of panel largely restored by Caldwell, paint loss from bull and St. Helena’s arms, Constantine’s face cracked. Ashton-under-Lyne, parish church, 1497-1512. © Raguin/MMK