Overview of Catherine's life and devotion to the saint

Window of Catherine of Alexandria, Cathedral of Angers, France, c 1190 © Raguin/MMK

1)  Catherine before Maximinus, arguing with pagan philosophers © Raguin/MMK
2)  Catherine in prison, visited by Christ, observed by the queen, who converts to the Christian faith; upper level: Catherine stripped and beaten while Maximinus observes © Raguin/MMK
3)  The queen executed (on left), Catherine beheaded (on right); upper, final level, Catherine’s body transported by angels to Mount Sinai © Raguin/MMK
St. Catherine with the wheel designed for her death but destroyed by angels, stained glass, St. Kunibert, Cologne, c. 1220-30. © Raguin/MMK

St. Catherine, chapterhouse vestibule, York Minster c. 1290-5 © Raguin/MMK.

St. Catherine, window of chapterhouse, York Minster c. 1285-90 © Raguin/MMK

St. Catherine, window of chapterhouse, York Minster c. 1285-90, detail of torture with wheels © Raguin/MMK

OXCC4 St. Catherine (hold wheel) Oxford, Christ Church, 1330-50 © Raguin/MMK

St. Catherine, westernmost window of north nave aisle, York Minster, 1307-1312, detail of torture with wheels © Raguin/MMK Royal arms are in the border of this window and figures wearing the fleur-de-lis of France and the lions of England flank the saint's torture. The window is unusual for its imagery of the royalty and peerage of Europe. Italics inicates heraldic shield.

The Empire England France
Visited in Prison Tortured Executed
Provence King of Rome  Castile and Leon
Before the Emperor Converts Philsophers Philosophers killed
Jerusalem Peter de Dene, donor Navarre

In the borders are figures in heraldic dress: the Kings and Queens of England and France; four earls; Lancaster, Gloucester, Surrey and Warwick, and four barons: Rose, Mowbray, Clifford, and Percy.

St. Catherine, Wall painting of her life and martyrdom, Sporle, St. Mary's Church, 1390-1400.

St. Catherine, Wall painting of her life and martyrdom, Pickering, Church of Saints Peter and Paul, c. 1450.

St. Catherine, stained glass detail, by Peter Hemmel von Andlau, c 1470, Hessisches Landesmuseum, Darmstadt, Germany © Raguin/MMK


St. Christopher, north choir window, York Minster c 1380 © Raguin/MMK.

St. Christopher, All Saints North Street, York, 1412-28 © Raguin/MMK.

St. Christopher, Holy Trinity, Goodramgate, York, 1470 © Raguin/MMK.

Buxheim St. Christopher, woodcut , 1423 Upper Rhine, and story of the saint