St. Edward the Confessor, standing facing three-quarters right, bearded, holding sword, ring and cross orb, wearing blue robe, ruby cloak trimmed and lined with ermine, short ermine cape and yellow shoes. On a plinth with blackletter inscription: /S/ edward/ set on quarry ground. Ashton-under-Lyne, parish church, c.1458-66.


OXCC2 St. Ethelreda (royal abbess).  Oxford, Christ Church, 1330-50 © Raguin/MMK

OXCC4 St. Ethelreda,  Oxford, All Souls College, Antechapel, 1440s © Raguin/MMK


Bishop elevating Eucharist, All Saints North Street, York, c. 1420. © Raguin/MMK

Sainted Bishop elevating Eucharist, All Saints North Street, York, detail showing Christ appearing to the saint. © Raguin/MMK
The host is stamped with the letter I. H. S (the monograph of the name of Jesus). The mass book (missal) is open to the words: Simili modo postquam cenatus est accipiens et hunc preclarum (In like manner, after he had supped, taking also this excellent. . . ). These are the words that begin the consecration of the wine; they follow the consecration of the Eucharist.
The scroll in the hands of Christ reads: Accipe [accipite] hoc de me hoc quotiescumque feceritis [impetrabis] the last word illegible (Receive this from me; however often you do this [you do it in remembrance of me]). This is the concluding line of the consecration of the bread and wine.

Edward the Confessor

St. Martin elevating Eucharist, detail, St Martin-le-Grand, York, c. 1440. © Raguin/MMK


OXNC1 Eve with distaff,  Oxford, New College, by Thomas Glazier, 1386-98
(part of a series of Old Testament figures) © Raguin/MMK

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