Welcome to A.S.I.A.!

A.S.I.A. welcomes students from all backgrounds to participate in our activities, from attending our events to holding a position on our executive board. We would love to have you as a part of our organization!

Recent events have included monthly ASIA Dinners to give Holy Cross a chance to taste authentic Asian foods and to give ASIA members some of the homemade food they may have left behind when coming to college. A.S.I.A. also sponsors dances, discussions, and other activities during biweekly General Membership meetings. Please check out calendar for the full list of upcoming events, or join our mailing list by emailing asia@g.holycross.edu.

If you have new ideas of what you would like to see ASIA do, contact us! If you are interested in volunteering for our future events, from initial planning stages to executing the activity, please email asia@g.holycross.edu. Your help is greatly appreciated!

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