August 21, 1998


WORCESTER, Mass. – Holy Cross is a recipient of a $75,000 grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Pluralism
and Unity Program.  This prestigious grant will fund a new program designed by Holy Cross, entitled Conscience for Tomorrow,
to begin this year.  The Hewlett Foundation invited Holy Cross to design a program to help the College achieve its goal of
increasing diversity on campus.

The Holy Cross administration designed Conscience for Tomorrow for two reasons.  First, the College does not have a large
population of students of color, although significant strides are being made in this area (students of color make up 12% of the
Class of 2002, compared with 8% in the Class of 2001).  Secondly, the College administration is focused on helping students of
color to reach their highest potential, enjoy college life fully, and establish lifelong bonds with the college.

"This exciting and innovative program will help students hone skills that involve having effective relationships with people from
many diverse experiences, ethnic backgrounds, geographic backgrounds, perceptions and ways of thinking.  Holy Cross, as an
educational institution, has an obligation to offer our students the best preparation possible for their positions outside the college,"
says Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, Jacqueline Peterson.  Peterson is the first woman and first African
American to serve as vice president at Holy Cross.

Unlike other programs Holy Cross has developed, Conscience for Tomorrow is designed to engage the entire campus in dialogue
to address these important issues.  The goal of the discussion is to allow students to see past differences in culture and race and
focus more on their shared identity as students at Holy Cross.

A group of thirty sophomores, chosen for their diverse backgrounds and leadership abilities, will take on the role of peer-educator
to address the goals of the program.  They will go through a rigorous training program, consisting of two retreats and weekly
meetings.  This will enable them to further develop their views on diversity and appreciation of a multi-cultural society.

In the second year of the program, these students will work with the first-year class to reflect on their common experiences.  This
will allow them to develop a greater view of diversity and the necessity for it on a college campus.  It will encourage students to
see the need for change, and work to promote diversity and multi-culturalism at Holy Cross over their four years.

For additional information, contact Maggie Hayden at 508/793-2419.