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The Crusader is a weekly newspaper published solely by Holy Cross students for the College community.

The opinions expressed in The Crusader are not necessarily those of the College of the Holy Cross. The College claims no responsibility for the material published in the student newspaper.

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All profit generated goes directly to supporting The Crusader Newspaper and promoting student journalism at  Holy Cross. The Crusader is designed and published solely for the Holy Cross college community and reflects the  unbiased student voice on Mount Saint James. The print edition of covers the latest News, Opinions, Sports,  Features and Letters to the Editor in 16 high quality pages. What better way to connect with the Holy Cross Community than through original student journalism? What better method to reconnect with The Crusader than through the nostalgia of a crisp print edition? 

If you have any questions, please email Business Manager John Bentivegna at jjbent17@g.holycross.edu.