Club Goals

The Investing Club was founded by Joel P. Smith, Ryan J. Moore, and David E. McCarthy with the intent of educating the Holy Cross student-body on the stock market as well as the general domestic and international economy.  The investing club is a general platform for learning about the economy and the markets within it and to have fun doing it.  Our general goal is to create enthusiasm for the financial world and everything related to that world. 
This year the CHCIC plans on participating in an online market simulation competition, investing and actively trading money in the market, taking a trip to the Boston Stock Exchange, and meeting with prominent members of the business world. 
The CHCIC welcomes anyone with a shared interest in investing, the stock market, and the financial world.  We have a conscious desire to expand the club to as many people as are interested.  If you would like to join the club or if you are in a position to educate or aid the CHCIC in anyway, we would appreciate your involvement in our organization.  Please contact the club officers for any questions you may have.

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This site was created by Nestor J. Santana, class of '04, for the College of the Holy Cross Investing Club (CHCIC) on September 29, 2002.