Club Stocks

We are currently evaluating which stocks would be wise investments for the club.  Last year's holdings were liquidated and redistributed to the respective investors.  If you would like to invest real money with our club, feel free to join for a thrill greater than watching Wall Street after midnight. 
We will soon be adding a working semi-real time chart to this page.  One of the most popular exchanges, the Nasdaq, will be the first chart's summary.  Although their efforts at an asian market were crushed, Nasdaq continues to be a strong market for technology firms in the United States.  These charts will be updated at twenty minute intervals so the information will be fairly current.

A gold coin.  One of the oldest forms of currency.

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This site was created by Nestor J. Santana, class of '04, for the College of the Holy Cross Investing Club (CHCIC) on September 29, 2002.