Club News

  • Elections for members of the board for the upcoming year were held at the October 8th meeting.  In an election reminiscent of the Bush\Gore fiasco, we are still in the midst of a recount.
  • Oct 1st meeting - Prof. Eng Wu, the Holy Cross Investing Club's advisor, spoke about his experiences on the Chicago mercantile exchange and about current market issues.  This was Professor Wu's second formal lecture to the Investing club as he continues to advise the club for the 2002-2003 academic year.  Don't miss future guest speakers by checking our News page regularly.

Meeting Times and Place

  • The investing club meets in the Henry M. Hogan center every Tuesday at 7 P.M.  We encourage all Holy Cross students to attend our meetings.  The CHCIC welcomes anyone who shares its member's interests and values fresh perspectives from inquisitve minds.

  • For any question about scheduling, please use the Contact page to email one of the club officers.)
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