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The following is our Constitution.

Article I- Muslim Endeavor to Create Cultural Awareness

Article II- Purpose

We hereby declare the general purpose of MECCA to consist of the following:

to provide a means for Muslim students at the College of the Holy Cross to congregate to increase awareness about the Islamic tradition in the immediate campus community

Article III- Membership

1.MECCA hereby states that its charter members, and any future candidates for membership, will not be discriminated against in any way, shape, or form due to race, gender, age, religious preference, personal philosophy, or sexual orientation.
2.The following are the criteria for membership:

the candidate must demonstrate a desire to understand Islamic cultures and educate the college community about the Islamic tradition the candidate need not be Muslim

1.The following procedure is to be followed in instances of expulsion of members:

Should a member display behavior or actions which may be considered offensive to one or more other members of MECCA, the ofending member shall be given one warning of misconduct. Should the member become a repeat offender, the issue of expulsion will be brought up at the board meeting following the second offense, whereby a vote shall be held. The offender shall not be in the presence of the vote, and shold at least one more than half the number of current members decide for expulsion, the offending member shall be expelled shall be expelled for the term of 3 semesters.

Article IV- The following is a list of officers:

Faculty Moderator
Vice President
Publicity Co-Chairs
First Year Intern
SGA Representative
Senior Advisor

Article V- The following is a brief description of the duties of the officers:

Faculty Moderator
The Faculty Moderator is to be a member of the faculty currently teaching the College of the Holy Cross. The Faculty Moderator should be present at all Board Meetings. Due to the fact that the Faculty Moderator will most likely not be residing on campus, attendance for the Faculty Moderator is not mandatory. The main function of the Faculty Moderator is described in detail in Article VII.

The President is the chief administrator of all organizational events and meetings. The President is also responsible for contacting local Muslim student organizations and notifying them of forthcoming meetings and events, as well as relating their respective meetings and events to members of MECCA.

Vice President
The Vice President is to be solely the President’s personal consultant, and may assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence.

The Treasurer is to be responsible for managing efficiently all and any funds available to the organization. The Treasurer must also make a brief monthly report to the executive board of the organization concerning its financial status. In accordance with a 1998 SGA accordance with campus organizations, the Treasurer must attend SGA general body meetings should MECCA’s budget exceed the sum of $500.00. Secretary
The Secretary is responsible for contacting all organization members and notifying them of forthcoming meetings and events, as well as keeping meeting minutes. Occasionally, the Secretary will be responsible for reserving rooms for meetings and events.

Publicity Co-Chairs
This position shall be filled by two current members who have expressed a desire to publicize and represent MECCA on the campus and to the campus community. The Publicity position shall be responsible for creating advertisements and generating publicity for MECCA and MECCA-related events.

First Year Intern
The position of First Year Intern is provided for first year students who have missed the previous spring’s elections and have expressed a desire to be involved with the executive board. A maximum of two First Year Interns is allowed. SGA Representative
The SGA Representative must attend SGA general meetings and represent MECCA for any votes taken.

Senior Advisor
The Senior Advisor is to be either a junior or a senior who has been an officer on an SGA-recognized campus organization. The function of the Senior Advisor is to provide insight to the organization members and bring experience to the executive board.

Article VI- Matters concerning Impeachment of Officers are to be addressed privately to the President or Vice President, depending upon the situation.

Should sufficient grounds for impeachment be proven, the accused officer will be allowed a trial at an organization meeting, but they must represent themselves. The President (or Vice President, depending on the officer to be impeached) will preside over the trial, however a ¾ majority vote is required for successful impeachment of the accused officer.

Article VII- Faculty Moderator

There shall be one Faculty Moderator of the organization at all times. This position shall be filled by a college faculty or administration member for the term of two semesters. The Faculty Moderator is to be nominated by a ¾ majority of the current membership, and who shall assume the position of Faculty Moderator pending their acceptance of the nomination. The Faculty Moderator shall advise the executive board of the organization in the matters of all events and meetings, and shall be responsible for consulting with the Director of Student Activities on those matters. The Faculty Moderator shall countersign all withdrawal vouchers on money deposited with the Treasurer’s Office. The signature of the Faculty Moderator is mandatory following the negotiation of any contracts by the organization.

Article VIII- The following is a general outline of the policy of organization meetings:

General Body Meetings shall be held at a minimum interval of once every three weeks. Executive Board Meetings shall be held weekly. The frequency of general body and executive board meetings may increase at any time at the discretion of the executive board, however they may not fall below this minimum. Meetings shall be held at a location to be agreed upon by the executive board. Prior notice to future general body meetings shall be given at least seven days in advance.

Article IX- If for any reason, at any time, any member of the executive board deems it necessary to amend these Articles, the issue shall be addressed at the meeting following any suggestion of amendment. A motion to amend this Constitution requires a ¾ majority vote of the current organization membership. Any future amendments shall begin with the title of Article X and continue forth as necessary. *The original form and body of this Constitution is not to be edited or reworked, it may only be amended.*


Article I- the Executive Board

The term of all executive board members is to be two semesters. This term is renewable for four years, should the board member see fit to run for re-election. Board members are to be elected in the spring semester preceding the academic year in which the new executive board will assume office.

MECCA Order of Business

1.Call meeting to order
2.Reading of minutes
3.Reading of letters and other communications
4.Committee reports
5.Unfinished business
6.New business

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