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Mission Statement (1997)

The Muslim Endeavor to Create Cultural Awareness was founded with two principle goals in mind:

i. To provide Muslim students at the College of the Holy Cross with a means to congregate and familiarize themselves with one another.

ii. To help debunk myths and dispel the many stereotypes which exist about Islam, and to educate the campus community about the Islamic faith.

MECCA was founded at a time when Muslims are increasingly in danger of becoming Public Enemy #1. Islam is an oft misunderstood faith which constantly falls prey to media slander and propaganda. Our hope is that we, the members of MECCA, can help the predominantly Catholic campus community to better understand Islam.

Membership to MECCA is NOT restricted to Muslims. In fact, our general membership consists of more non-Muslim students than Muslim students. It is the interest and involvement of these non-Muslims that keep MECCA from being an exclusionary club to rather a diverse, well-balanced organization that has the means and will to shatter stereotypes.

Efforts to accomodate Muslim students at Holy Cross has and will continue to be a primary goal of MECCA. In addition to hopefully making Muslim students more welcome and comfortable, we have had spaces allocated for prayer, and accomodations made by Dining Services to provide meal transfers to Crossroads during Ramadan. The College has been most receptive to MECCA and has made every effort to make Muslim students feel comfortable here, a testament to the Catholic tradition and quality of people who profess faith in it.

MECCA is still a fledgling organization, however we have an exciting and informative year planned. We are looking forward to working with Muslim student organizations at Clark and WPI, as well as the local mosque. The members of MECCA are all excited to get our first full year underway.

Updated August 22, 2003
College of the Holy Cross, MECCA
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