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5 Albums You Missed This Summer

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It is quite difficult to narrow down bands and musicians to make a “Top” list over a period of time. In fact, it is preposterous to think that an art form can even be competitive enough to draw comparisons by outsiders. However, I have consolidated my list of albums released this summer to five that deserve your attention, if they have not already. There were dozens of other contenders this summer that are fantastic albums, such as releases by The Dirty Projectors, The Walkmen, Frank Ocean, Passion Pit, and Husky. With enough spunk and genre-challenging moments, these albums of the 2012 summer should be on your to-do-list:

5. Metric - Synthetica
As their fifth studio release, Metric comes back with another hard-hitting album entitled Synthetica. For those unfamiliar with Metric, they are comprised of members from the Canadian indie-heroes Broken Social Scene: Emily Haines and James Shaw.
Steering a bit away from the experimental rocking, Metric’s sound attacks the listener. Haines mentions that this album is “about forcing yourself to confront what you see in the mirror when you finally stand still long enough to catch a reflection.” With softly placed vocals, heavy and sharp snare hits, and star-lighting guitar riffs, Synthetica jumps back with pulsating energy that screams, “Hey let’s rave.”
RIYL (Recommended if you like): Yeah Yeah Yeahs, M83, Muse
4. Xavier Rudd - Spirit Bird

A singer-songwriter from Australia, the very talented multi-instrumentalist Xavier Rudd released an ambitious experimental album this summer.  He uses modes of Native Americans and nature for inspiration, which creates a raw and embodied sound through the entire album with cries of birds and fleeting vocals ranging

everywhere. Rudd puts a lot of his simplistic acoustic folk influences in most of the songs creating a very listenable album. This record brings you back home and yearning to be back on a dock in on that very serene lake near your house. This album makes you question and analyze your life decisions, providing comfort and closure from a simpler point of view.
RIYL: Tallest Man on Earth, Damien Rice, Fleet Foxes

3. Mystery Jets - Badlands

This London-based band had one mission with this album: record in Austin, Texas and reaffirm a southern rock style that has been lost and confused. The fourth studio release from these British rockers, Radlands has a catchy feature to all of its tracks that explore the sunny days of summer, but also putting on a pensive swing to its meaning.

This is the album that sparks the return to the traditional rock and roll that has been hibernating up until now; Mystery Jets play nicer than the Black Keys but harder than Belle and Sebastian.
RIYL: Spoon, Radiohead, Shins
2. Kindness - World, You Need a Change of Mind

If there is one album this summer that is attempting to turn the music world upside down, it lays in the hands of Kindness, a stage name for Adam Bainbridge. Continuing a path drawn from LCD Soundsystem, Kindness revolts with the once known disco and putting on a further spin with more funky beats and pondering synthesizers.

The greatest thing about this album is that you have heard this before, but you just cannot put a finger on it; there is something familiar. Sounding almost like a dream from the 80s, World, You Need A Change Of Mind wants to take you on a trip filled with funk, electronic, and jazz inspired movements where you cannot stop listening.
RIYL: LCD Soundsystem, Michael Jackson, Hot Chip.
1. Walk the Moon - Walk the Moon

A couple years ago, these boys from Ohio were barely climbing their way around the northeast looking for gigs, fresh out of college. In fact, they were even kind enough to stop by the WCHC 88.1 FM studio in 2010. Walk the Moon’s self-titled album has been an undiscovered summer anthem will keep you dancing for the entire 43 minutes of the album.

With smooth and memorable synth hooks and runs, you will have these melodies bouncing around your head for the rest of the week. Walk the Moon delivers their first full-length album with a home run by successfully snatching your attention from the opening track, “Quesadilla”, to the closing, “I Can Lift a Car.” Powerful and exuberant vocals from their frontman, Nicholas Petricca, drives their synth-rock to the peak of the indie scene and are gaining momentum by the second. They just finished touring with Neon Trees and will be traveling internationally with the band, fun. Once you show this album to your friends, you will be the coolest kid in cool beans, trust me.
RIYL: The Wombats, Young the Giant, Passion Pit

- Peter McStravick '13

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