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Chistmas and Radio

How Early is Too Early?

Read senior Pete McStravick's article for The Crusader.

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From an ethical perspective, it would seem appropriate to start having the music played when Advent starts (four weeks before Christmas). However, not everyone celebrates Advent but Christmas has become an American holiday rather than religious one, so how early can it be started? In my opinion, the preceding weeks before Christmas create selfless people. It's a holiday where people can not only express their love and appreciation for others but also put others in front of you. These modest vibes are encouraged by Christmas music because we get in a mental state of doing good and promoting dependency.

It might be a bit premature to play Christmas music right after Thanksgiving but think about it rationally: Thanksgiving is a time where you are grateful for everything you have been given and spend time with friends and family. Why can't the period between this and Christmas continue this mentality through music? Or even a better question, why do we limit our gratitude and concern for people to just this time of the year? Without a doubt, Christmas music is responsible for creating this altruistic state of mind and environment that should not be criticized for beginning "too early." C'mon ref, let the boys play.

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