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Lions, Tigers, and Grizzly Bear, oh my!

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Part of what makes Grizzly Bear hauntingly pleasurable is their ability to adapt itself into your life; they become the music you find yourself listening to while walking from point A to B. Most of their tracks exceed the standard 4-minute length and are produced much looser, handing the band free reigns to explore their sound over the course of the albums. Their pensive style can lurk onto film scores because it fits so well with the human introspection. Your expectations are always thrown while listening, inviting you to keep doing so as you slowly fall into a trans as Drostes smooth vocals fall into sweeps of wavering synth runs and splintered guitar riffs that quietly pick your brain. There is something quite mysterious about Grizzly Bear that progresses minimalism to another realm because no other band can emulate a similar style and remain as revered as them.

The “indie band” has become this manipulative orchestral group that explores your mind like a ghost. Our minds have adapted to listening to the standard chord progression songs that we typically hear, but are now challenged with a new wave of artists coming towards us that utilize other means to gain your attention whether you know it or not. It could be through the newly entered softness we hear in some bands, a new take on the standard rock band instruments, or redefining the comfortably placed format of songs that is steering contemporary music for the future. Bands like Grizzly Bear have found their musical niche that promotes a new foundation of understanding for what a listener is looking for in their music selection and to encourage introspective growth. Remarkably, Grizzly Bear has created a revolutionary following in contemporary music that is establishing a benchmark for those artists to come.

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