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In Memory of

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The Great Cardinals of the Soviet Empire:
Josef Cardinal Beran of Prague (1888-1969)
Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty of Esztergom (1892-1975)
Josef Cardinal Slipyj of Lviv (1892-1984)
Blessed Alojzije Cardinal Stepinac of Zagreb (1898-1960)
Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw & Gniezno (1901-1981)
The Catholic Martyrs of Russia
Roman Catholic Martyr Bishops
Royal Martyrs of Russia
Orthodox Martyrs
Of more than 900 Catholic priests in 1920,  there were about 300 in 1930.
140 Roman Catholic Priests Shot in a Year (1937-1938)
At Sandormoch in 1997 the remains of 1 bishop and 40 priests found.
The Blessed
 Blessed  Nykyta Budka, Auxiliary Bishop of Lviv (1877-1949) +
Blessed Nicholas Charnestsky, Apostolic Visitor of Volyn (1884-1959) +
Blessed Leonid Feodorov, Exarch of the Russian Byzantine Rite (1879-1935) +
Blessed Gregory Khomyshyn, Bishop of Stanislav (1867-1947) +
Blessed  Josaphat Kotsylovsky, Bishop of Peremyshl (1876-1947) +
Blessed Gregory Lakota, Auxiliary Bishop of Peremyshl (1883-1950) +
Blessed Simeon Lukach, Auxiliary Bishop of Stanislav (1893-1964) +
Blessed Teodor G. Romzha, Bishop of Mukachiv-Uzhgorod (1911- 1947) +
Blessed Kliment Sheptytsky, Exarch of Russia & Siberia  (1869-1951) +
Blessed John Sleziuk, Auxiliary Bishop of Stanislav (1896-1973) +
Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky, Archbishop of IvanoFrankivsk (1903-1973) +
 Blessed Peter Verhun, Apostolic Visitor to Ukrainians  (1890-1957) +
The Others
The Vicar General Constantine Budkiewicz of Mohilev (1867-1923) +
Basilian Bishop Irynej Bilyk of Ivano Frankivsk (b. 1950)
Bishop Alexander Chira of the Carpatho-Ukrainians (1897-1983)
Archbishop Jan B.Cieplak of Mohilev (1857-1926)
Basilian Bishop Emeritus Sofron Dmyterko of Ivan Frankivsk (b. 1917)
Bishop Alexander Frison of Odessa (1875-1937) +
Bishop Josyf Holovacz of Uzhorod [Mukacheve] (b. 1924)
Lubomyr Cardinal Husar of Lviv (b. 1933)
Marian Cardinal Jaworski of Lviv (b. 1926)
Bishop Philemon Kurchaba of Drohobych (b. 1913)
Auxiliary Bishop John Latysevskyj of Stanislav (1879-1959) +
Cardinal Ivan Myroslav Lubachivsky of Lviv (1914-2000)
Bishop Ivan Marghitych of Uzhorod [Mukacheve] (1921)
Assumptionist Bishop Pius Eugene Neveu (1877-1946)
Janis Cardinal Pujats of Riga (b. 1930)
Apostolic Administrator Bartholomew Remov of Moscow (d. 1935) +
Archbishop Edward van der Ropp of Mohilev (1851-1939) +
Bishop Mykhajlo Sabricha of Lviv
Bishop Ivan Semedi of Uzhorod [Mukacheve] (b. 1921)
Metropolitan Andrew Sheptytsky of Lviv (1865-1944)
Josef Cardinal Slipyj of Lviv (1892-1984)
Bishop Boleslavs Sloskans of Minsk-Mohilev (1893-1981)
Redemptorist Archbishop Volodymyr Sterniuk of Lviv (1907-1997)
Kazimierz Cardinal Swiatek of Minsk-Mohilev (b. 1914)
Bishop Pavlo Vasylyk of Kolomyih-Chernivtsi (b. 1926)
Bishop Julian Woronowsky of Lviv
Blessed Andrew Ishchak (1887-1941) +
Blessed Mykola Konrad (1876-1941) +
Blessed Omeljan Kovch (1884-1944) +
Blessed Roman Lysko (1914-1949) +
Blessed Nicholas Tsehelsky (1896-1951) +
Blessed Oleksa Zarytsky (1912-1963) +
Blessed Severian Baranyk (1889-1941) +
Blessed Vitaliy Bayrak (1907-1946) +
Blessed Yakym Senkiusky (1896-1941) +
Blessed Nicholas Charnestsky, Apostolic Visitor of Volyn (1884-1959) +
Blessed Zynovii Kovalyk (1903-1941) +
Blessed Ivan Ziatyk (1899-1952) +
Sisters of St. Joseph
Blessed Olympia Bida (1903-1952) +
Blessed Laurentina Herasymiv (1911-1952) +
Sisters Servants of Mary Immaculate
Blessed Tarsykia Matskiv (1919-1944) +
Catholic Sisters Under European Communism
Blessed Volodymyr Pryima (1906-1941) +
Other Priests:
Epifany Akulov (d. 1937)
Potapyev Emilianov
Ladislas Issajewicz
Sergei Karpinski
Felix Lubycsynsky (d. 1931)
Anthony Racewicz
John Wasilewski
Aleksei Zerchaninov
Pietro Alagiagian (1894-1981)
Walter J. Ciszek (1904-1984)
Albinus Dumbljauskas (1925-1991)
Michel d'Herbigny (1880-1957)
Pietro Leoni (1909-1995)
Jerzy Moskwa (1910-1941)
Victor Novikov (1905-1979)
Heinrich Ostermann (1912-1973)
Rafael Samper (1918-1949)
Wlodimir Ledochowski (1866-1942)
Ivan Ziatek
Joseph de Vocht
Ukrainian Priests:
Executed After World War II
Roman Esip
Omelian Gorchinsky +
Vasyl Kavacin
Other Nuns
Kamilla Krushelnystka (Nun Executed in 1937 at Sandormosch)
Mother Catherine Abrikosova of Moscow's Dominican Convent (d. 1936)
Anna Brilliantova (d. 1937)
Sister Judith Fenyvesi
Ekaterina Gotocheva
Venedykta Kaknykevych
Victoria Lvovnova
Maria Shved (d. 1982) +
Mother Monika Teordorovych-Polianska (d. 1951)
Orthodox Priest:
Alexander Men (1935-1990)
Orientales Ecclesias (15 December 1952)
Twentieth Century Martyrs of Eastern Europe
Bishop Francis Gjini, O. F. M. (d. 1948) +
Mikel Cardinal Koliqi of Shkodre (1902-1997)
Archbishop Nicola Vincenzo Prennushi, O. F. M., of Durres (1885-1952) +
Bishop Bernadino Shlaku, O. F. M., of Pult (1875-1956) +
Archbishop Gaspar Thaci (d. 1945) +
 Bishop George Volaj of Sappa (1904-1948) +
Jak Bushati
Daniel D. Dajani, S. J. (1906-1946)
Giovanni Fausti, S. J.  (1899-1946)
Giacomo (Jak) Gardin, S. J.  (b. 1905)
Nikoll Gazulli
Anton Harapj, O. F. M.(d. 1945) +
Gjon Karma, S. J. (1896-1975)
Stephen Kurti
Anton Luli, S. J.  (b. 1910)
Lek Luli, O. F. M. (d. 1945) +
Peter Meskalla
Ciprian Nika, O. F. M. (d. 1948) +
Gjon Pantalija, S. J. (1887-1947) +
Ndoc (Antonio) Saraci, S. J. (1875-1947)
Zef Saraci, S. J. (1884-1954)
John Shallaku, O. F. M. (d. 1945) +
Lazarus Shantoja (d. 1945) +
Andrew Zadeja (d. 1945) +
Gjon Pantalija, S. J. (1887-1947) +
Brother Vata, S. J.
Martyred Women
Maria Shalaku
Elena Shllaku
Bianca Krosaj
Blessed Vincent Eugene Bossilkov of Nicopolis (1900-1952)
Blessed Pavel Djidjov (1919-1952)
Blessed Josaphat Chichkov (1884-1952)
Blessed Kamen Vitchev Jonkov (1893-1952)
Fortunato Bakalski (d. 1952)
Damian Ghiulov (15 years in prison)
Flawian Mankin (d. 1944)
Franz Nonov (9 years in prison)
Robert Prustov (15 years in prison)
Borislav Ivantchev [Josef Semmler], S. J. (1933-1993)

Blessed Martyrs
Auxiliary Bishop Basil Hopko of Prjashen (1904-1976) +
Zdenka, nee Cecilia Schelingova  (1916-1955), of the Sisters of Charity of Holy Cross
Josef Cardinal Beran of Prague (1888-1969)
Stepan Cardinal Trochta, S. D. B., of Litomerice (1905-1974)
Bishop Michal Buzalka of Cone (1885-1961)
Auxiliary Bishop Peter Dubovsky, S. J., of Banksa Bystra (b. 1921)
Blessed Bishop Paul P. Gojdich, O. S. B. M., of Prjashen (1888-1960)
Auxiliary Bishop Pavel Hnilica, S. J., of Rome  (b. 1921)
Titular Bishop Dominik Kalata, S. J., of Semta (b. 1925)
Jan Cardinal Korec, S. J., of Nitra (b. 1924)
Auxiliary Bishop Vaclav Maly of Prague (b. 1950)
Bishop Maurice Picha of Hradec-Kralove (1869-1956)
 Auxiliary Bishop Stanislav Zela of Olomouc (1893-1969)
Frantisek Cardinal Tomasek of Olomouc (1899-1992)
Miloslav Cardinal Vlk of Prague (b. 1932)
Bishop Jan Vojtassak of Szepes (1877-1965)
Blessed Metod Dominik Trcka, C. SS. R. (1886-1959)
Jan Barta, O. F. M.
         Frantisek Lizna
Oto Madr
Rudolph Smahel
Antonin Zgarbik, S. J. (1913-1965)
Josef Zverina
Sister Zdenka Schelingova (1916-1955) +
East Germany
Lorenz Cardinal Jaeger of Paderborn (1892-1975)
Bishop Petrus Legge of Meissen (1882-1951)
Conrad Cardinal von Preysing of Berlin (1880-1950)
Robert Frater (1915-1987)
Josef Menzel (b. 1916)
Josef Muldner (1911-1984)
Wilhelm Rueter (1911-1987)
Archbishop Eduard Profittlich of Estonia (1890-1942) +
Kazimierz Kanski (1889-1971)
Stasys Rimkevicius (1904-1955) +
Henry Werling (1879-1961)
Lucjan Ruszala (1908-1945)
 Blessed BishopVilmos Apor of Gyor (1892-1945)
Archbishop Jozsef Grosz of Kalocsa (1887-1961)
Bishop Endre Hamvas of Szeged (1890-1970)
Laszlo Cardinal Lekai of Esztergom (1910-1976)
Jozsef Cardinal Mindszenty of Esztergom (1892-1975)
Bishop Nicholas Szarvas (1890-1965)
Blessed Auxiliary Bishop Zoltan Ludovico Measzlenyi of Esztergom (1892-1951)
Titular Bishop Istvan Zadravecz, O.F. M., of Domeziopoli (1884-1965)
Attila Mikloshazy (b. 1931)
Benjamin Jakab (1903-1950)
Ferenc Kajdi (1884-1945)
Antal Laskay (1909-1945)
Jozef Vid (1898-1952)
Michael Fekete (1907-1973)
Other Priests
Szalere Kiss
Gyorgy Kolley
Imre Lekai
Ferenz Vezer
The Catholic Church in Kazakhstan
Auxiliary Bishop Kazimirs Dulbinskis of Riga (1906-1991)
Janis Cardinal Pujats of Riga (b. 1930)
Bishop Jazeps Rancans of Riga (1886-1969)
Archbishop Antonijs Springovics of Riga (1876-1958)
Bishop Anthony Urbss of Leipaja (1879-1965)
Julijans Cardinal Vaivods of Riga (1895-1990)
The Martyrs of Lithuania
The Hill of Crosses
Victims of Communism
Bishop Vincentas Borisevicius of Telsiai (1887-1947) +
Bishop Vincentas Brizgys of Kaunas (1903-1992)
Archbishop Teofilius Matulionis of Kaisiadorys (1873-1962) +
Bishop Petras Mazelis of Telsiai (1894-1966)
Bishop Kasimir Paltarokas of Panevezys (1875-1958)
Bishop Pranciskus Ramanauskas of Telsiai (1893-1959)
Apostolic Administrator Mecislovas Reinys of Vilna (1884-1953) +
Archbishop Juozapas Skvireckas of Kaunas (1873-1959)
Vincentas Cardinal Sladkevicius, M. I. C., of  Kaunas (1920-2000)
Bishop Justinas Staugaitis of Telsiai (1866-1943)
Julijonas Steponavicius of Vilnius (1911-1991)
Bishop Bernardas Suziedelis of Kaisiadorys (1888-1967) +
Archbishop Sigitas Tamkevicius, S. J., of Kaunas (b. 1938)
Stanislovas Baltrimas (1889-1941) +
Prosperas Bubnys (d. 1941) +
Vladas Didzioks (1912-1941) +
Canon Kemesis +
Bronius Laurinavicius (d. 1981) +
Alfonsas Lipnickas-Lipniunas (1905-1945)
Leonas Mazeika (d. 1981)
Leonas Sapoka (d. 1980) +
Juozas Seskevicius (b. 1914)
Alfonsas Svarinskas (b. 1925)
Juozas Zdebskis (1928-1986)
Balys Beionoravicius
Kazys Ciplys
Petras Liepa
Petras Margevicius
Viktoras Petkus
Antanas Reuba
Nijole Sadunaite (b. 1938)
Antanas Terleckas
Anatanas Zakevicius
Jesuit Fathers
Benediktas Andruska (1884-1951) +
Antanas Bieliunas (b. 1904) +
Antanas Dabrowski (b. 1896) +
Gerardus Dunda (1914-1996)
Karolis Garuckas (1908-1879)
Jonas Kastytis Matulionis (b. 1931)
Joannes Peeperkorn (1898-1947) +
Jazeps Pudans (1903-1942) +
Antanas Seskevicius (b. 1914)
Jurgis Smilgevivius (1902-1979)
Jesuit Brothers
Justin Adomaidis (b. 1901) +
Augustus Baltuonis (b. 1901) +
Juozas Jonkus (b. 1902) +
Augustyn Cardinal Hlond, S. D. B., of Gniezno & Posen (1881-1948)
Adam Cardinal Sapieha of Krakow (1867-1951)
Ignacy Skorupka (1893-1920) & Heroic Anti-Bolshevik Soldiers
Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski of Warsaw & Gniezno (1901-1981)
Archbishop Romuald Jalbrzykowski of Wilno (1876 -1955)
Auxiliary Bishop Valentine Dymek of Poznan
Bishiop Stanislaw Okoniewski of Chelmno-Pelplin
Bishop Karol Mieczyslaw Radonski of Wloclawek
Wladyslaw Bukowinski (1904-1974)
Jerzy Popieluszko (1947-1984)
Boleslas Stefanski
Tadeusz Chabrowski (1909-1941)
Alfons Czyzewski (1897-1953)
Kajetan Gorski (1879-1942)
Antoni Grzybowski (1904-1943)
Jan Haniewski (1873-1942)
Jakub Jagusz (1872-1942)
Kazimierz Konopka (1879-1941)
Mariusz Skibniewski (1881-1939)
Stanislaw Wnek (1859-1944)
Waclow Zaborowski (1904-1958)
Twelve Bishops Died as Martyrs in Prison
400 Priests Perished in Persecutions
At Least 2000 Churches Confiscated
The Martyred Bishops of Romania
Titular Bishop Vasile Aftenie of Ulpiana (1899-1950) +
Bishop Ioan Balan of Lugoj (1880-1959) +
Archbishop Adalbert Boros of Ressiana (b. 1908)
Archbishop Alexander Cisar of Bucharest (1880-1954)
Iuliu Cardinal Hossu of Cluj-Gherla (1885-1970)
Bishop Ion Chertes (b. 1912)
Bishop Tit Liviu Chinezu (d. 1955) +
Bishop Antonio Durcovici of Iasi (1888-1951)
Bishop Valeriu Traian Frentiu of Gran Varadino (1875-1946) +
Bishop Antal Jakob of Alba Julia
Bishop Iuliu Hirtea
Bishop Aron Marton of Alba Julia (1896-1980)
Archbishop Lucian Muresan of Alba Julia & Fargas (b. 1931)
Bishop Raymond Netzhammer, O. S. B., of Bucharest (1862-1945)
Archbishop Alexandru Nicolescu of Blaj (d. 1946)
Archbishop Ion Ploscaru of Lugoj (1912-1998)
Bishop Alexandru Rusu of Mamamures (1884-1965) +
Archbishop Joseph Schubert of Bucharest (1890-1969)
Bishop Ion Suciu of Moglena (1907-1948) +
Alexandru Cardinal Todea of Alba Julia & Fagaras (1912-2002)
Father Joseph Bal
Vicar Louis Boga
Father Ion Escy
Canon Ioan Folea
Father Rafael Friedrich
Monsignor Vladimir Ghika (1873-1954)
Vicar Marcu Glasser
Father Michael Godo
Canon Iuliu Hirtea
Vicar Tertullian Langa of Romania
Vicar Victor Madavei
Canon Dimitru Manu
Canon Ion Moldovan
Canon Dumitru Neda
Father Onofreiu
Father Iosip Pop
Canon Nicholae Pop
Canon Victor Pop
Father Alexandru Ratiu
Father Vasile Teglasiu
Father Vasile
Anton Bisoc
Father Herciu
Cornel Chira (1904-1953)
Emil Puni (b. 1916)
Vendelin Javorka (1882-1966)
Other Christians
Orthodox Priest Roman Braga
Orthodox Bishop Nicolae Colan of Cluj
Greek Catholic Layman Iuliu Maniu
Philosopher Ion Miclea
Orthodox Metropolitan Irineu Mihalcescu
Professor Eugen Popa
Orthodox Bishop Nicholas Popovici (d. 1958)
Professor Septimus Todoran
Pastor Richard Wurmbrand (b. 1909)
The Roman Catholic Church in Tajikistan
The Ukrainian Greek Roman Catholic Church
Martyrs (1935 to 1973) Beatified by Pope John Paul II in Ukraine:
Boiled, Crucified, Incinerated, Poisoned, Tortured or Walled In for the Faith
L'Osservatore Romano's List of Ukrainian Martyrs
130 Ukrainian Catholics Killed by Stalinists
The Church of the Martyrs
The Ukrainian Catholic Church
Beatifications by Pope John Paul II in Ukraine
Beatification of Thirty Ukrainian
Russian Orthodox Church
Ukrainian Orthodox Churches
Persecuted Ukrainian Bishops
Deported Ukrainian Roman Catholic Priests
High Cost of the Fidelity of Ukrainian Catholics
Blessed Alojzije Cardinal Stepinac of Zagreb (1898-1960)
"This Croatian Cardinal is the most important
priest in the Catholic Church," said Pope Pius XII.
Franciscan Bishop Petar Cule of Mostar (1895-1985)
Franjo Cardinal Kuharic of Zagreb (b. 1919)
Archbishop Pietro Doimo Munzani of Zadar (1890-1951)
Archbishop Jozef Pogacnik of Ljubljana (1902-1980)
Vinko Cardinal Puljic of Vrhbosna (b. 1945)
Archbishop Gregorij Rozman of Ljubljana (1883-1959)
Bishop Ivan Jozef Tomazic of Maribor (1876-1949)
Archbishop Anton Vovk of Ljubljana (1900-1963)
Five Times More Priest Killed Than Under Nazis in Slovenia
Priests Murdered by Communists in Slovenia
600 Priests Killed Under the Communists in Yugoslavia
According to a Pastoral Letter of Yugoslav Bishops in
1945, twenty-eight Franciscans were killed
without a trial in one monastery
Izidor Bistrovic (1949-1969)
Franjo Bortas (1903-1907)
Jose Bric (1907-1945)
Lambert Erlich (1878-1942)
Martin Meglik 1871-1945)
Josip Muller (1893-1945)
Petar Perica (1881-1944)
Lojze Grozde (1923-1943)
Soviet Union
Harvest of Despair
A Light in the Darkness
Katyn Forest Massacre
The Prisoner
Guilty of Treason
Home at Last
Question 7
Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko
Pope John Paul II
Lithuania, Land of Martyrs
Interview with Archbishop of Kaunas
The Persecution of the Catholic Church in Albania
Events in Hungary

The Roman Catholic Russian Church
The Catholic Church of St. Louis of France in Moscow
Communism's 100 Million Victims
Stalin Himself Responsible for at least 40 Million Deaths
Crucifixion of Christians by Communists
Eastern Christianity
Survivors of Communist Persecutions
The Russian Major Who Saved the Life of a Future Pope
The Stalinist Persecution of Poland
An Orthodox View of theVatican and Russia
The Russian Orthodox Church
Churches of Ukraine
Ukrainian Catholic Churches
Execution of Ukrainian Priests
Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church
Catholic Martyrs of Russia
The Martyrs of Poland
The Baltic Countries
Communist Execution of Croation People
Catholicism and Orthodoxy in Russia
History of Catholicism in Russia
The Catholic Church in Russia
Soviet Execution of Russian Clergy
List of Catholic Dioceses in Ukraine
List of Catholic Dioceses in Lithuania
Vladimir I. Lenin (1917-1924)
Josef V. Stalin (1924-1953)
Nikita S. Khrushchev (1953-1964)
Leonid I. Brezhnev (1964-1982)
Konstantin U. Chernenko (1984-1985)
Mikhail S. Gorbachev (1985-1991)

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