19. Kingís Lynn, St. Margaretís, south choir stalls, details of misericords, 1370-7. After William Taylor, The Antiquities of Kingís Lynn (London, 1844). Description from G. L. Remnant, A Catalogue of Misericords in Great Britain (Oxford: The Clarendon Press, 1969), 102-3. [from east]

1. Head of Edward III. Supporters: foliage
2. Foliage. Supporters: foliage
3. Face with foliage springing from mouth (Green Man). Supporters: leaf.
4. Head wearing cap bent sideways; the right hand together with the head, supports the bracket; the left hand is bent downwards.  Supporters: leaf.
5. Foliage. Supporters: flower.
6. Spray of Flowers. Supporters, flower.
7. Head of Edward the Black Prince. Supporters: Left, shield charged sable, three ostrich feathers enscrolled or. Right, shield charged diapered, six water bougets [question identification as water bougets; could this be the tincture ermine?, born by John of Brittany, Earl of Richmond, d. 1399] (arms not recorded).
8. Head of Henry Despencer, Bishop of Norwich (1370-1407).  Supporters: Left shield charged three mitres (arms of the see of Norwich); Right, shield parted quarterly, argent and gules, in the second and third quarter a fret or, overall a bend gules, in a border sable, mitred of the third (arms of Despencer).  From each shield depends a six petalled flower.