Dr. Joseph Warren (1741-1775) by Copley,
(Museum of Fine Arts, Boston)

Life and Work of Dr. Warren:

Born: May 30, 1741; Roxbury, MA

    1747/48- 1755 Roxbury Latin Grammar School
    1755-59          Harvard College
    1759/60          Roxbury Latin Grammar School Teacher
    1760-62          Master's Degree in Medicine - Harvard College
                          An Omnes Morbi Oriantur ab Obstructionibus
                           "Whether all diseases arise from obstructions"

    1755    Father Died
    1763    Tended to smallpox victims on Castle William Island (Boston)
    1764    Married Elizabeth Hooton
    1764f   Wrote several editorials in Boston newspapers
    1772    Delivered the Second Boston Massacre Oration (March 5)
    1773    Wife Died - four children survive
    1775    Delivered the Fifth Boston Massacre Oration (March 6)
                    *see below for contemporary description
          Composed Anti-British Songs
    1775    Killed (June 17th) at Battle of Bunker Hill

*From Rivington's March 15, 1775, New York Gazeteer:
    At last, a single horse chair stopped at the Apothecary's, opposite the Meetin (the
Old South Meetinghouse in Boston), from which descended the Orator (Warren) of the day; and,
entering the shop, was followed by a servant with a bundle, in which were the Ciceronian Toga, etc.
Having robed himself, he proceeded across the street to the Meeting, and being
received into the pulpet....put himself into a Demosthenian posture, with a white
handkerchief in his right hand, and his left hand in his breeches, --began, and ended
without action.