Ariane Fennetaux Introduction  
Beatrice Laurent
The Bower’s Secret: Intimacy in the Art of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Images
Susan Elizabeth Sweeney Envisioning Sleeping Beauties in Doré, Wharton and Nabokov Images
Claudine Le Pallec-Marand Du Sexuel. Esthétique de l’intimité dans le cinema contemporain, À ma soeur, Intimité, et Ken Park Images
Annette Kern-Stähler Models of Intimacy in Late Medieval England Images
Virginia Raguin Intimacy through Visual Touch: The World before Gothic Art Images
Michael McKeon Literary and Graphic Images of Intimacy in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century England Images
Federica Mazzara Rossetti’s Letters: Intimate Desires and ‘Sister Arts' Images
Michel Baridon The Emergence of the Landscape and the Expression of Intimacy Images
Andrew Eastman Reading as Intimacy: Susan Howe’s The Midnight Images
Kimberly Mair and Allen Ball The Cannibal Dances Alone — Intimacy as Misrecognition Movie
Maurice Géracht Variation sur le cadre / Recadrer l’intimité, Variation sur le cadre de Fanny Pochon Images

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