Maurice A. GERACHT Introduction: “FRAME TALE” and Re-Reading and Re-Viewing Archetypal texts
Elizabeth E. BARKER “Human Forms Divine”: William Blake’s The Raising of Jairus’s Daughter
Parody and Play in Blake’s Composite Art
James M. KEE
Apparitions of the Unapparent: Rembrandt and Luke’s Emmaus Story
Liliane LOUVEL
The Resurrections of Stanley Spencer: Glimpses of the Divine
Shawn Lisa MAURER
From Egypt to Eden: Archetypal Narratives and Idealized Virtue in Henry Fielding’s Joseph Andrews
Massimo LEONE
The Veil of Tamar
Christelle SEREE-CHAUSSINAND Les métamorphoses d’Actéon
Sarah STANBURY Nostalgia and the Repair of Place: A Nativity Scene in St. Peter’s Square
Ilona WORONOW Une promenade dans le jardin post-tridentin : le pari du sensible
Une lacune historiographique manifeste
Paul MARIANI A Final Seriousness:
Wallace Stevens’ “St. Armorer’s Seen From the Outside.”