Sporle, Norfolk, England. St. Mary's Church, South Aisle
Wall Painting, 1390-1400
Reconstructed copy, St. Mary's Church
photo © Stanbury/MMK
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St. Catherine Upbraiding the Emperor Maximinus before the Gates of the Temple.

The Saint, hearing that preparations were being made to force all the people of the city of Alexandria, even those who were Christian, to sacrifice to idols, approached the Emporer and upbraided him outside the Temple; to the left of the scene, the Emperor and Empress stand at the door of a building with towers, the Saint facing them, and extending her right hand as though in remonstrance; behind her two spectators.

Text from E.W. Tristram, English Wall Painting in the 14th Century. London: Routledge, 1955,       249-250.