Sporle, Norfolk, England. St. Mary's Church, South Aisle
Wall Painting, 1390-1400
Reconstructed copy, St. Mary's Church
photo © Stanbury/MMK
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The Emporer Tempts the Saint.

To the left, Maximinus, enthroned, tries to win over the Saint by promising that, if she will renounce Christ, she shall rank next to the Empress, and shall be 'adored of all the people as a goddess'. Beside him a tall courtier stands, joining in the endeavour to overcome her resistance by fair promises; an attendant or gaoler, in knee-length cote-hardie and long hose, stand behind her.

Text from E.W. Tristram, English Wall Painting in the 14th Century. London: Routledge, 1955,       249-250.