Canterbury Cathedral
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    Margery's visits to Canterbury and its Archbishop as described in  The Book of Margery Kempe  (Chapters 13, 15, 55,
    Book II/8)

    The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer : Middle English text published 1387-94, UVA Electronic Text Center
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Margery Kempe at Canterbury

Margery first mentions Canterbury in Chapter 13.  "On one occasion, when this creature was at Canterbury in the church amongst the monks, she was greatly despised and reproved because she wept so much." She then talks to a young monk and she is followed out of the monastery by the other monks who accuse her of being a Lollard.  In Chapter 15, she is directed by the Bishop of Lincoln (Phillip Repyndon) to go to the Archbishop of Canterbury (Thomas Arundel), an event taking place in 1413.  He is supposed to give her the mantel and the ring, symbols of a chaste marriage.  In Chapter 55, she describes getting a letter from Arundel's sucessor Henry Chichele, in 1517,  This later letter from the Archbishop of Canterbury appears to be be a significant endorsement of her piety.