CHURCH OF THE HOLY APOSTLES (Santi Apostoli) (Ch. 35).
As this creatur was in the Postelys Cherch at Rome on Seynt Laterynes Day, the Fadyr of Hevyn seyd to hir, "Dowtyr, I am wel plesyd wyth the. . . (lines 2000-01)

The time was November, on the feast of the dedication of Saint John Lateran. There the Lord announces to Margery that she will be married to the Godhead.

The Church of the Santi Apostoli was originally built by Pope Pelagius I (556-561) and completed by his successor John III (561-574) as a votive monument commemorating the liberation of the city from the Goths. Relics of two Apostles, Philip and James, were brought here and placed in the crypt under the high altar. While the church has been modified over time, including a major renovation by Francesco and Carlo Fontana at the beginning of the 18th century, the form remains as it was: three aisles, separated by two lines of columns. Since the 15th century the church has been run by the Conventual Franciscans. Next door to the church is the Palazzo Colonna, with a 15th century facade that may be still now as it was in Margeryís day.

Among the very few remnants of the church as Kempe would have seen it are the spiral columns in the Chapel of the Crucifixion. The chapel, located in the right transept, was constructed in 1721. The three short aisles of the chapel are separated by two rows of columns - in total, eight twisted columns from the original church, they date to the 4th century. Margery would have seen them in a different location, most likely the nave of the church, but, like the similarly shaped columns reused in St. Peterís, they are among the only remains of the earlier church.

The portico of the building is attributed to Baccio Pontelli, and dates to after Kempeís visit (late 15th century), however, there are two statues flanking the main portal, lions. They are attributed to Vassaletto and date to the 13th century. Likely they were in a similar position in the church in Kempeís day. 

ROSA1: Facade of Santi Apostoli

ROSA2: Interior of Santi Apostoli, Crucifixion chapel with twisted columns.

ROSA3: Interior of Santi Apostoli, Crucifixion chapel with twisted columns.

ROSA4: Statues of lions flanking the main portal

ROSA5: Statues of lions flanking the main portal