Sarah Luria

Associate Professor, Department of English

Double Vision


Double Vision: A Photographic Experiment in Seeing the Same Place at Two Different Times in the Same View.
This film is part of my current project, The Art of Surveying. An image taken in 1911 of a street in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts was aligned with an image of the same view from 2009. The “film” overlays these two moments to visualize a typical story of land development from small farms to suburban subdivision played out across America. It ends with both 1911 and 2009 shown at once: the “double vision” that is the goal of this project. This project posits that the more we can see in a place, the more we know about where we are, the more ways we can think about it, and how we might want to change, or preserve, it. (Credits: Soonmin Bae, Daniel Jackson; Jackson Homestead)