literatures, religions, and arts of the himalayan region

To honeybee or not to honeybee, that is the question?
An investigation of interdependence and survival in the Himalayas and U.S.A.

Created by Ben Zimmerman
McAuliffe Regional Charter Public School
Framingham, MA



MISSION TWO: Religions


Economic and Social Implications

MISSION FIVE: Culminating Activities



As mentioned in the Mission Command section, this section is still under construction and serves as a framework from which to start a the scientific aspect of this investigation. Coloney Collapse Disorder has become an alarming ecological issue over the past two decades. It is of particular concern because of the role honeybees play in the global food ecosystem, pollinating over 1/3 of all the food humans eat. Answers to the disappearance of honeybees in recent years is still only hypothesized. Please consult the following links for your own guided inquiry into finding out where all the precious bees have gone.

Talk of Himalayan Bees 

More research on the retreat of the Honey bees from the HinduKush region of the Himalaya 

Another article from region/endangeredness of the issue 

NGO in Himalaya speaking to the Bee issue/development 


A medical site with Tibetan and Bee-Keeping insights 

60 minutes bit on status of bees Part 1 

Part II

Crazy Bee Dance video 

Haggan-daz site with great info and design your own bee to email to others   


Scholarly Report on Coloney Collapse Disorder 

US fears over honey bee collapse-25 March 2008 

Asian link

Good history of bees+Russian link











This site was created by Ben Zimmerman at the NEH Summer Institute "Literatures, Religions, and Arts of the Himalayan Region," held at the College of the Holy Cross, Summer 2008.